Throughout its history, beginning in 1994, Surgical Staffing, (SSI), owned and operated by Registered Nurses, has achieved outstanding results in quality and productivity. The excellent care and services delivered, as well as the confidence that patients, physicians, and hospitals have in our company, have paid tribute to the efforts of our dedicated and loyal employees.

Part of SSI's mission is to be responsive to the needs and values of our customers. Extending our mission internally, we respond to the needs and values of our employees by providing competitive wages and benefits. In addition, our family of employees will attest to the satisfaction they receive from working with SSI.

As SSI employees, our roles are very clear. We must do our job well! Throughout the healthcare industry, companies that succeed are those that provide high quality service and product. When the service is healthcare, as it is with SSI, we have an obligation to provide excellent patient care. We welcome and appreciate your help and input.

Call us if we can answer any questions about SSI or send you any information.

Surgical Staffing
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